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The Penn Battle II is the newest design of Spinning Reels from PENN Fishing, and has many new design innovations from advancements in reel technology.

Like all Penn Spinning Reels, it has the HT-100 Drag System, and the 6000 series puts out 12kg’s of drag, which is a considerable amount of drag for a spinning reel.  There are several reels in the series and the 6000 is the second largest, which has all the features of the Penn Battle II Series spinning reels.

The 6000 model is braid line ready like all of the Penn Battle II Reels, and will hold 275 meters of 22kg braided line which is quite a large holding capacity for this particular strength of braided line. PENN has made many improvements in line management including added line capacity that lets you know that the spool is filled correctly. This results in superior castability and stops excess line stripping from the spool.

The Penn Battle II 6000 model is a large reel, and is designed for rock, surf fishing or fishing from boats where catching larger species of fish such as Garrick , Kob, Steenbras, Musselcracker and other large fish is desired.

Overall, this is a great spinning reel for saltwater as it truly delivers in design and engineering.  It will not only hold against corrosion but also against strong and hard-pulling fish.

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  • Penn Battle II

Posted: 17/08/2018


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