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The Quantum Cabo PTSE was released in 2015 after being completely redesigned.  When Quantum redesigned the Cabo, they kept the name for marketing purposes, but effectively came out with an all new reel specifically designed for saltwater fishing.  In this review of the Quantum Cabo PTSE, we will take a look at the six models the CSP40PTsE, CSP50PTsE, CSP60PTsE, CSP80PTsE, CSP100PTsE, and the CSP120PTsE that replaced the older Quantum Cabo PTSD’d.

Quantum is a brand of a reel that many who are new to fishing have not heard of.  However, it is a brand that deserves some attention as I feel it is of very good quality and they do make a number of reels that are specific to saltwater fishing.  The Quantum Cabo PTSE is a reel designed specifically for heavy-duty saltwater fishing with features such as massive drag, multi-layer corrosion protection and what they call Performance Tuning, which is where the PT comes from in the name.

When you combine gear ratios of 5.3:1 on the smaller 40 and 50 sizes, 4.9:1 on the medium 60 and 80 sizes, and 4.4:1 on the massive 100 and 120 sizes with line capacities that start at 270 yards of 30 lbs braid on the smallest model all the way up to 400 yards of 100 lbs braid on the 120, you have a reel that is designed specifically to target your larger fish.

Regardless of where you like to fish, from a boat or from the beach, the Quantum Cabo PTSE with its watertight drag and hybrid polymer-stainless bearings is sure to get the job done and last a long time even under the brutal conditions we put our saltwater gear through every day.

Big fish hunters who prefer spin reels will find everything to love about the Quantum Cabo Fishing reels.  This is top shelf kit, but at a price that won’t force a second mortgage.  Simply brilliant!.  It will become your favourite reel.

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  • Quantum Cabo PT Spin Reel

Posted: 17/08/2018


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